Rules and Regulations

Little Rock Show Choir is designed to provide a safe and wholesome environment for all members. As such, all choir members are expected to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

Dress Code:

DO wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.
DO wear proper footwear (running shoes are preferred for rehearsals.)
Boots in the winter months will need to be removed; please bring shoes to wear or socks will be necessary.

Modest dress* is expected at all Little Rock Show Choir rehearsals and performances for both boys and girls. This will ensure that we can provide a healthy learning environment for all.
*For the purposes of Little Rock Show Choir Club, ‘modest dress’ will be defined as:
NO Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or muscle shirts
NO Short shorts, or gym shorts (slightly above the knee is acceptable i.e. Golf shorts)
NO showing of bellies or low cut tops or low-riding pants

Costumes: Costumes for the show are included in our price and will be provided by Little Rock Show Choir. However, we ask that you provide basic black clothing to be worn under all the costumes. These will be needed for ALL dress rehearsals prior to the final show.
The clothing requirements are as follows:
Black dress Pants – no leggings, no capris.
Black Shirt – long sleeve WITH a collar.
Black Socks – above ankle (no ankle socks)
Black Shoes – all black including the sole, no sparkles or glitter.
*Any questions or concerns about this can be directed to our costume director B-Jay Howard through Colette at

Behavior Contract: In order to provide an environment where all are welcome and are treated equally, we require the participation of all the performers to make this possible. We ask that the following rules therefore be adhered to:

DO enjoy yourselves!
DO feel comfortable enough to ask questions!
NO Bullying – this includes name calling, pushing, hitting, practical jokes (i.e. taking and hiding other children’s things &/or costume pieces), and any other mean behaviors toward others.
We ask that NO romantic relationships be carried out during show choir rehearsals and performances. Relationships outside of choir are fine, but are to be left outside of our program and away from the entrances.
NO Stealing or destruction of property. We need to be careful in, and respect, the facilities that we use in order to ensure it will be available to us for future use. We also need to be careful around, and respect, all equipment and property belonging to Little Rock Show Choir Club and its members/participants. Any damage may result in a reimbursement fee.

If any of the above “No” behaviours are broken, we will apply the “3 strike rule.”
1. The child will be given a verbal warning and parents will be notified.

2. Parents will again be told and child will receive a “time out”/suspension for one week.

3. Child will be asked to leave the program without a refund.

Please note that that at the start of rehearsals, you and your child will be asked to review a “Behavior contract” to be signed and returned. Our top priority is making sure all the children in the program have a good time and feel safe!

While we are certain there will be no issues, we just needed to make it as clear as possible to all ahead of time.

Any further questions can be directed to Angie Conway, our parent liaison, at

Thank you,

LRSC Board of Directors