Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Little Rock Show Choir Club

It is the goal of this Club and its Board of Directors to:

1. Provide an atmosphere of acceptance where all children are welcome, regardless of talent level, race, religious affiliation, family dynamics, or any other situation which might exclude them from other programs of similar persuasion. There is no audition required!

a. In accordance with the above Directive, parents agree to support this plan by reading, signing and agreeing to a term of Rules and Regulations to make this equality and acceptance possible for all participants. As part of this we ask parents to discuss said Rules and Regulations with their children so that they are aware of the expectations of the program.

2. Provide a place of learning and growth, where the children can gain confidence in their knowledge of music and comfort in performing.

3. Provide an atmosphere of friendship and community where children can meet in a safe and monitored environment, thereby creating positive memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Provide opportunities to be leaders and give back to their community through example and service. An example of this may be performing at a seniors home or community event.

5. Provide a place of personal empowerment where all the children can participate in future performances by sharing their ideas, and having each one of those ideas heard and sincerely considered by the Board of Directors. This will be accomplished through an idea box which will be available at all rehearsals. Younger children can seek assistance through either their parents or share their idea with any staff member or Director.

Little Rock Show Choir Club
Directors and Officers